Who’s That Ahead Of Me?

Friday 16th August was the day of the Fraserburgh Gala fun runs. I went along and entered the 5k, rather than the 10k as I had a 20 mile long slow run planned for the following day. That, and I thought I could get a good result.

Finding where the race was proved a little tricky, despite me being from Fraserburgh due to the lack of advertising of the race. I only knew about it as I suspected there might be one and went asking. Not to worry, I found the start with plenty time to spare and signed up for the 5k. My friend Jeananne was there and deciding between the 5k and the 10k. Glad to see she went for the 10k race.

Ronnie and Jeananne

Ronnie and Jeananne

Both races started together promptly and followed the same initial route. I wanted a good position, so stood at the front on the start line. As we took off, I got myself a fast start as the first part of the race was down a lone, gentle slope. Another runner took off ahead of me and was flying. I followed him for as long as I could, down through the tunnel to the beach, up the short steep incline and out the Formartine & Buchan Way old railway line.

At around the end of the first mile, I was momentarily held up by traffic at the cross roads. Crossed the road and I was still in second place, but the delay had allowed a small group of runners to catch me. Three of them slowly passed me as we headed along the old railway at the back of the golf course, one after another. Along to the 2.5km part and the 10k runners would have to keep going, while the rest of us turned around. I was delighted to see that no one in front of me turned. I was in first place… Wow; this is new!

Heading back the way I came, I pushed on thinking that someone must be close behind me, but I did not take the time to look until I arrived back at the cross roads. Thankfully, there was no traffic this time and I got straight across the junction. I turned around and could not see another runner. Delighted! I pushed on and continued to run hard to the finish line and for the first time ever I was first across the line. The next runner came in a couple of minutes behind me.

It may just be a small gala fun run – but I’ll take it 😉 Despite being a small pack of around 30-50 (hard to estimate when everyone is behind you :p) I ran a quick time and about a minute off of my usual parkrun time. A nice race too, with refreshments at the end, a nice medal and a nicely thought out route all for a fiver.

Split Summary
1) 1m – 7:15(7:14/m) 174cal
2) 1m – 7:56(7:56/m) 175cal
3) 1m – 8:03(8:03/m) 174cal

Total time was 23:38.


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