Hey Jack; Frosty!

After a lot of debate as to whether or not I was going to run the Glen Clova Half Marathon due to this lower leg problems I have been having, I decided at the last minute to give it a go. With a midday start we had the luxury of not having to leave at half past stupid. I picked up Susan and Rachel and we headed down into the hills to the east of Forfar (foo far fae Forfar? Nae far.) On the final roads in, we noticed the temperature on the display in my car dropping (despite Susan’s best attempts to get it to rise by tapping the face of it. Can’t believe that did not work.) As low as -1°C and we were officially bummed! Still, we headed down to pick up our numbers and goodie bag (huh?) with a cool mug inside with the race route graphic on it before heading back to the warmth of the car.
Mug 20131110_094820

Having decided as a group to take it easy and run together, we all started together and run with each other for the start. After about 2 miles, I lost sight of the girls and thought I had fallen behind somehow, so I picked my pace up a little and ran to catch them up. It was only on catching them that I realised they were now different people. This girl will now be known as fake Susan due to the wearing of a purple jacket in order to pretend to me she was indeed Susan (this may or may not have actually been her motives for wearing a purple jacket). On this topic, I am confused as to why Susan spent all summer running in a purple jacket and then stops on the coldest run of the year. Surely just to confuse me, right?

Anyway, I felt I had a comfortable pace and was running at around the 9:30 min/mile pace. I knew the girls would catch me eventually, so I kept it up. The temperature was now feeling a lot nicer, the skies were clear, there was a lovely frost and ice on the ground, friendly people to chat to and paragliders to watch. My lower leg was not bothering me for the first time in a long while. I was officially enjoying this run, which was a relief after last week’s disaster at Dundee.

Frosty! Photograph by kind permission of Rachel: http://medalslut.com/2013/11/10/glen-clova-12-marathon-2013/
Frosty! Photograph by kind permission of Rachel: http://medalslut.com/2013/11/10/glen-clova-12-marathon-2013/

As we neared the half way point, I could see the runners on the other side of the route. Due to promised of a flatter half of the race by people who ran it last year, I was looking forward to getting there. So far each and every mile had seemed to pass extremely quickly for me, and the mile 6 and 7 markers did not disappoint. I did feel myself tiring a little at the half way point though and after a quick stop I found Rachel and Susan catching me. I stopped for a few seconds and waited for them and we ran together for a bit. Soon though, they started pulling away and I found myself stopping for a minute to stretch out my calf. I think this was more for a bit of tightness rather than pain though.

After 3 slow miles, I found me giving myself a lecture. This seemed to work as mile 11 was under 9 minute miles and the subsequent two around the 10 minute mark. I saw the two girls about thirty seconds ahead of me, running near fake Susan. Every time I thought I could catch them, I would turn a corner and they would seem farther away, so I would stop trying. Every time I stopped trying they would seem closer to me, so I would think I could catch them (ad infinitum) (well, ad until the end of race. um.)

The end of the race was welcome. I had felt I had ran a steady race and was more than happy with that, given that 24 hours previously I was not even sure I would be running it. The hot lentil soup at the finish area was so nice too. This was a great race and I would recommend signing up to it, but if you do decide to do so – be quick. The race sold out in around 3 hours of opening this year. The scenery is fantastic, a great route that takes in a circuit of the glen, very friendly race with enthusiastic marshals. The goodie bag was decent and the entry cost was low.

Garmin Time: 02:10:17
Gun Time: 02:10:31
Position: 249/270

1 –  9:25
2 – 9:22
3 – 9:39
4 – 9:24
5 – 9:24
6 – 9:52
7 – 9:55
8 – 10:39
9 – 10:10
10 – 12:24
11 – 8:59
12 – 10:15
13 – 9:57

After the race, I headed home and got ready for my friends’ charity calendar launch event. The 2014 Calendar is to raise money for NEEDS & Body Gossip, promoting positive body image and being able to say “THIS IS ME!”. If you would like to support these worthwhile causes (or you would just like a calendar full of pictures of naked women), then please do buy one from here: http://thisisme.mysupadupa.com/ They are only £10 and would really help out the charities concerned. Here is a sneak peak of what you are buying!

This Is Me Calendar Cover

This Is Me Calendar Cover


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