Happy New Year

After wakening up at lunchtime on 1st of January and seeing my running kit all laid out in preparation for that morning’s parkrun, I decided that I really should run the Lumphanan Detox 10k on the 2nd January 2014.
Lumphanan Detox

Thankfully, it was not an early start as I was still feeling the effects of Hogmanay tiredness. The first thing I noticed on the way out was the lack of a travelling companion. Rachel was off gallivanting over to Texas to run some wee race or something when she clearly should have been here running a 10k.

Apologies if during the post I switch between talking in kilometres and miles. My watch was set to miles and the signage on the day was in KM. The weather on the day was super. A bit chilly, dry and clear. I started alongside Naomi, but as the start was quite crowded and we were funnelled through a gate I quickly lost site of her. The first 2 KM of this race is all uphill. It sounds horrific, but I actually quite enjoyed it. Get the hills out of the way while feeling fresh. Given the climb, my first mile was a fairly slow and steady 10:34 min/mile.

Following this, we had a lot of lovely downhill. This gave me miles two and three of speedy running at around the 8:10 min/mile pace. At mile two, we turned right and had to run down the right hand side of the road. The road was open but on the opposite side of the road was accessible for traffic in either direction. This is the reason I was surprised when a car came from behind us, travelling at a speed as though the road was clear and going round a bend with no idea if anything was coming in the opposite direction. After another couple of bends, I was horrified to see the car stopped at the site of the road and a group of runners huddled together. The car had hit a runner’s dog. An update on the website says that the dog is going to be fine thankfully, but I cannot understand why someone would drive past a large group of runners at speed.

Mile 5 found us on a very muddy country track. This was a very long and horrible mile. Loads of mud and water, plus plenty of runners around either getting in the way because they were picking out a track or simply tanking through it and splashing everyone else with mud. Nice!

The final mile was back on the road and was a nice and fast downhill mile. As I saw the start/finish area coming up, I pushed on quite hard. Unfortunately, I did not realise that they sent us up a final hill, to do a loop around the block and then back down to the finish. Still, I managed to keep the pace and managed a reasonably quick last mile and through the finish line in under an hour which was my target.

Brilliant days racing, especially since I had no intentions of doing this one.

Position: 271/371
Garmin Time: 56:26
Gun Time: 56:41

1) 1m – 10:34(10:34/m)
2) 1m – 8:08(8:08/m)
3) 1m – 8:14(8:14/m)
4) 1m – 9:16(9:16/m)
5) 1m – 10:33(10:33/m)
6) 1m – 8:38(8:38/m)
7) 0.14m – 1:03(7:37/m)


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