City of Aberdeen Baker Hughes 10K

The route of the Baker Hughes 10K is not the most inspiring of all the races I run, but the reason I would be running it for the third year in a row is that it is flat and far too close to home not to. In previous years I have been able to walk down to the start line, but as my friend Lucy was coming up from the Dundee direction and I now live at that side of the town I arranged to meet her at mine and drive down together. This meant leaving too early as I knew how bad the traffic and parking gets at the race. Still, would give us some time to pick up some unnecessary freebies and “enjoy” the warmup (read, flail about like an uncoordinated dance troupe on Britain’s Got Talent) where Rachel would find us and join in. Kinda.

As we made our way slowly to the start, I said buy to Lucy and Rachel and made my way to the 46-50 minute starting pen. Wow… this could be a bad idea, I argued with myself. “My last two 10Ks were just a shaving under the 1 hour” “But my parkrun times…” “That’s only 5K” “Aah, I’m here now” and settled in at the front of this corral as I did not want to get snarled up at the first sharp turning immediately after the start. They walked us over to the start and as the first wave of runners were through the start they dropped the tape and let us start. Still a wee bit away from the start line, I started jogging slowly towards it and picked up the pace as I went through the start.

There’s not really much to say about the race itself. It’s 10 KM in length, it’s flat, it’s always a bit breezy and it contains a 2 mile long straight along the each front. Scenery is industrial harbour, beach and residential. The course can be fairly congested most of the way around, and due to a lot of people who do not enter other races then race etiquette is fairly poor. People will pass you and slow down immediately, they will suddenly come to a walk in front of you and you will see the same person sprinting past you over and over again as they change pace to each extreme. Crowds are quite supportive in the beach sections of the race.

My main target for this race was to keep a steady pace, where I was working hard throughout the race. I managed this as the graph below will show you. I was hoping for between 47 and 50 minutes and I was pleased to come in with a final time of 47:19.

Post-race, it was off to Mrs Smiths Cake Shop for coffee, cake and free runner’s shortbread.

Cake Time

Cake Time

Results and stats:

Overall Position: 727/4263
Gender Position: 643/2275
Category Position: 404/1314

5K Chip Split: 23:23
Chip Time: 47:19
Gun Time: 48:26

Pace, Elevation and Heart Rate

Pace, Elevation and Heart Rate – Generated at 

Mile Splits:
1) 1m – 7:22(7:22/m) 162/169bpm 144cal
2) 1m – 7:27(7:27/m) 167/172bpm 150cal
3) 1m – 7:31(7:31/m) 167/170bpm 152cal
4) 1m – 7:35(7:35/m) 165/168bpm 150cal
5) 1m – 7:39(7:39/m) 166/170bpm 154cal
6) 1m – 7:56(7:56/m) 167/174bpm 159cal
7) 0.27m – 1:53(7:01/m) 171/174bpm 39cal


2 thoughts on “City of Aberdeen Baker Hughes 10K

  1. aron

    It’s good that you follow your make stats about your performance, it makes it so much easier to keep track of your progress

    1. runningronnie Post author

      Absolutely. I am quite geeky when it comes to stats. I love to see what I did compared to other runs. The graphs make it great to see how straight your pace line is too.


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