Half DRAM 2014

Having ran this race twice before with varying degrees of success, I sorta knew what to expect. For example, I knew that the start gets very congested through the woods. With this in mind I started a bit further forward than I probably should have, but out of politeness for the runners around me I pushed on at the same pace as they were and clocked in a fast first two miles. That was OK though, as I knew that the third and fourth miles were downhill.

Mile 1: 8:35
Mile 2: 8:08

I always love mile 3 of this race. It’s back onto the road, and down a long and steady descent. I had ran a nice quick first two miles and although I knew there was no way I could keep that up for the whole race, I decided to take advantage of the hill and I clocked my fastest mile of the day. Hopefully it would not leave me too tired. Miles 5 and 6 are still downhill, but less steep than before. This would see me run a sub 10k within a half marathon although my pace was noticeably slowing now.

Mile 3: 7:07
Mile 4: 7:21
Mile 5: 8:06
Mile 6: 8:25

Unfortunately, this slowing trend continue. I felt like walking and was feeling tired. Counting down the miles remaining and the only thing that kept me going was knowing that I had a lot of minutes in the bank from earlier and I did not want to waste them. Even a poor performance now would see me hit a good time and my target before the race had been 1:52.

Mile 7: 8:44
Mile 8: 8:50
Mile 9: 9:37

At mile 10, the long slog up the side of the dual carriageway begins. This seems to last forever (as did the queue of traffic that we had created). However, a noticeable difference this year compared to last year was that I could run it all and did not have to walk up most of it. Another noticeable difference to last year was my time goal was a full 8 minutes quicker than my goal of 2 hours (which I could not achieve).

Mile 10: 8:59
Mile 11: 9:11

As we turned the corner into Broughty Ferry, the moment I had been waiting for had arrived. The fast downhill stretch through the residential area, under a couple of cool hoses spraying water over the fences and a bolt across a road and onto a narrow and steep bridge, where everyone but me slowed down. Argh!

Mile 12: 8:07

The final mile is seems to last forever and for some reason always has the wind blowing into our faces. A lot of grit and determination over the last mile and I pushed on to a time that I was more than happy with.

Mile 13: 9:16

Chip Position: 197/620
Chip Time: 1:50:42
Gun Position: 196/620
Gun Time: 1:50:54


Elevation v Pace

Elevation v Pace – Generated at fetcheveryone.com


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