So, I cannot dare host a blog without giving mention to my lovely friend and running companion’s blog, because let’s face it, it will contain the same races as mine and be a much better read. So after you are finished here, please pop along to http://medalslut.com and have a read.

I took up running in Spring 2012, where the weather was nice, I was fit and found I could run quite fast. I ran a lot of races in 2012, but for the moment I am going to ignore these as I currently do not have a hope of hitting the same sort of times as I was last year. Two injuries to my right ankle and one bag of Haribo too much saw to that.

I am a bit of a parkrun fan and try to run at least 2 per month. I enjoy half Marathons mainly, but throw in the occasional 10k and have the Loch Ness Marathon planned later in the year for the second time.

Please be aware though – I am not a writer. What I write here is simply my thoughts on a particular race, as accurately as my brain will allow me to remember it. While doing my best to keep things literate, you will find errors and probably paragraphs that just sound crap.


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